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Mould-Sizing Table : Mould-sizing is not as hard and fast as many folks anticipate. This table shows likelihood that one mould or another will fit your crew; the darker the blue, the more likely it will fit. NOTE: The darker or lighter does NOT indicate anything that has to do with drag or performance, as weight is only one factor in determining such things.

Sykes singles have a well deserved reputation for being among the most aggressive hull shapes in the rowing world. These are shapes that have historically given up very little drag for features that, for example, improve roll stability.


Our current range of singles is the most optimal in minimal drag in our nearly 50 years of building single sculls. They're also remarkably comfortable and "rowable" boats. We've achieved this partly through the science of hull design and partly through our decades of experience in seeing what works.


There are three single scull shapes/sizes available after 2014, and the above table is provided to clarify their effective ranges. Even though this table details some of the breadth in weight ranges, what works for the individual will largely be up to the individual to decide. Take the above as guidance.


Mould 35 is still under development at the time of going to press with this page, but promises to be our fastest shape for lightweight women and junior scullers. While inspired by the history of the mould 20 and 26 singles, it will have the look of the now well established mould 36 and 37 singles.


M36 single being rowed by a lightweight male.


Mould 36 is quite nearly identical to mould 26 -- itself a modification of mould 20 -- which ranks as the most popular single in our history. Marked by a semi-circular cross-section held well into the bow and stern, this hull has about the least amount of wetted surface of any single scull on the water.


We pride ourselves on the quality of construction and craftsmanship of all our shells. This interior look at the M37 shows the clean, traditional lines in our construction, with the aesthetic of modern composite materials.


As of mid-2014, all singles come with a clear-carbon seat deck rather than the white pictured above.

M37 heavyweight men's 1x; prepping for the start.



Mould 37 is our now very successful men's heavyweight single scull. A bit of a divergence from the heavyweight version of M26 (a.k.a. mould 30), M37 has some flattening through the central run of the hull. This permitted us to give the hull more roll stability as well as move more volume further into the ends to help the boat trim more evenly and reduce the pitching effect under the big tall boys for whom it was designed.

M36 on the dock showing the new-style splash guard and saxboard  profile

There are a number of recently retired and long-retired single-scull shapes on the water in North America and in stock in Wilmington. The table below will help you find those that fit you.

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