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Mould-Sizing Table : Mould-sizing is not as hard and fast as many folks anticipate. This table shows likelihood that one mould or another will fit your crew; the darker the blue, the more likely it will fit. NOTE: The darker or lighter does NOT indicate anything that has to do with drag or performance, as weight is only one factor in determining such things.

The pair and double is where Sykes has made its impact on the Olympic and World Champion scene. In a remarkable string that lasted from 1992 in Barcelona up through Beijing 2008, crews racing in Sykes pairs and doubles won four Olympic gold medals and two silvers. In between were several World Championships that ranged from the lightweight women's double to the men's heavy pair.


At the club and team level, the Mould 13 family of boats have had tremendous success throughout Australia and across North America. Several crews have won national championships in the US, from Youth Nationals to National Team trials.





M29 2x has a very narrow beam, but the flare in the saxboard provides needed hip-room for women's crews.



Mould 29 was developed for lightweight women in preparation for the 1996 Olympics, the first Olympics at which there were lightweight events. Jeff Sykes' goal was to build the most aggressive hull shape capable of seating two lightweight women. Since then, it has enjoyed a great deal of use at the elite level, but has also become of favourite at the club level from juniors to masters women.


We've been encouraging folks to consider the Mould 29 for lightweight guys as well, particularly if they're not terribly tall and train below 70kg. It was raced by the national champion junior boys at the 2011 Youth Nationals. Still, with a tall crew in the boat, it will likely pitch too much during the stroke.

An Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Sykes 13M. The Mould 13 is the work-horse of the AIS and the Australian National team.

AUS lightweight men's 2x racing a 13L at a World Cup event.



Mould 13 is the most successful hull shape in our nearly 50-year history. You can measure that in terms of sales or in terms of elite-level performance. As such, it has survived an onslaught of overseas competition for the elite-level teams, and become the familiar favourite of many elite-level crews over the past 20+years.


During the string of Olympic Golds won by the Drew Ginn and his partners of James Tompkins and Duncan Free, the AUS pair was presented with a full range of pairs to race. Each time they chose to race Sykes.

French National team M2- in Syke 13HH (a.k.a. mould 23) at a World Cup event.

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