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Pricing Starts at $18,900

Mould-Sizing Table : Mould-sizing is not as hard and fast as many folks anticipate. This table shows likelihood that one mould or another will fit your crew; the darker the blue, the more likely it will fit. NOTE: The darker or lighter does NOT indicate anything that has to do with drag or performance, as weight is only one factor in determining such things.

*Note that the 9LH+, 9H, 9HH, and 7H+ all come with a section join approximately 1m from the stern so they can fit in 40ft shipping containers.

Our quads and coxed-fours have made the biggest impact on the North America stage, being raced by more national champions than any of the other boat classes. A few years ago, for example, one-third of the entries in the JW4x at Youth Nationals were in a Sykes.


The reason is rather simple, really: All of our fours and quads are solid, comfortable, and utterly fast shells. They're appropriate for all weather conditions, and at approximately $20,000 new with more than a 10-year competitive race life, you'll not find a better value for money.

AUS M4-winning World Cup I in a Sykes mould 9HH


Mould 9- occupies a full range of crew sizes. While there are several moulds in the family to accommodate those sizes, they're all based on Klaus Filter designs, particularly the LM4- design that he did for FISA. Klaus contributed directly to a handful of Sykes designs in the mid-1990s, and the Mould 9 group has been among the most long-lasting.

Mould 9+ fitted with the Nike Omada shoes.

Cal training in their M7+ in the estuary in Alameda.


Mould 7+ is a true heavyweight coxed-four, and thus not a common fixture in clubs and teams. It has been raced by a national championship crew at the collegiate level several years ago. Before that, it was raced to Lucerne gold at the big international regatta that pre-dates the World Championships each year.


It rows very comfortably, but has a proven history of performance at the top speeds of the sport.

The 9L+ under a junior women's crew.


Mould 9+ has similar success to it's coxless version, particularly at the junior level. Raced to gold at several national-level scholastic championship events, these shells are loved by most every crew that rows them. As it works out, it's quite nearly impossible for most clubs and teams to buy just one in their history of doing business with us.

Our carbon footstretchers are elegantly simple and easy to adjust.

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