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Mould Sizing Table : Mould-sizing is not as hard and fast as many folks anticipate. This table shows likelihood that one mould or another will fit your crew; the darker the blue, the more likely it will fit. NOTE: The darker or lighter does NOT indicate anything that has to do with drag or performance, as weight is only one factor in determining such things.

* All eights come with a section join between five and six seat pursuant of FISA rules and so the boat will fit in a 40ft shipping container.

Sykes eights are the dominant breed in Australian clubs and schools. This isn't a matter of default, as there is a long history of boat-builders in Australia competing for that big-boat-rack space, and today that has expanded internationally.


In North America, the success of our eights has been apparent across the high school, collegiate, and masters scene. For not having more than a couple dozen eights in North America, they have been involved in their share of medal-winning races.



Mould 27 for heavyweight men


The range of mould 27 eights are another product of the Klaus Filter consultancy with Sykes in the 1990s. It has evolved in recent years to adjust to the continuing change in rower size. The crew-sizing table above reflects the existing ranges for the three distinct moulds we've offered through 2014, but they're all going through some improvements associated with the new C&C machine.



Mould 40L will accommodate all but the largest women's crews as well as lightweight men and most junior boys crews.


Mould 40 is quite possibly the most innovative hull shape in eights out there on the water. It employs a few common drag-minimising tactics that we use: semi-circular cross-section and a good deal of camber in the keel line.


The more original feature, though, is the way the whole crews area is shifted into the bow. This design is employed to reduce squat. A boat squats with its bow relatively high as it approaches "hull-speed" where the major bow wave lifts up on the bow and the trough pulls down on the stern. By shifting the mass of the crew forward, the most optimal profile of the hull moves through the water at top speed.

A note on section joins. All of our eights come with section joins between five and six seat. Section joins in eights are a requirement of FISA, and so every World Championship or Oylmpic eight you see is sectional. Section joins like ours are actually the beefiest parts of the hull, and since the boat is made in a single-piece mould, the ends line up perfectly. While we include features that make it easier to section and re-assemble your eight, like the three fixed receivers (one shown at right), once you put your eight together, you don't have to take it apart again it you don't want to.

Our eights reflect the simple beauty built into all of our boats in addition to incorporating long-loved features like waterbottle-holders for every seat, including for the coxswain.

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